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TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Shalom Aleichem (Peace to All)
Kadmiel y Veronica: Laila tov ajim of TECHNICAL-SUPPORT. Congratulations.
Kadmiel y Veronica: We continue to grow for the glory of Adonai!
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Shalom Aj Kadmiel Baruch Hashem
Kadmiel y Veronica: Shalom ajim, I'm checking the new page.
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: We will be adding more contents
Kadmiel y Veronica: BH.
Kadmiel y Veronica: I retire. Good night. Laila Tov.
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Blessings Tafleege we will send you the Hebrew Bible via email
sanerik12: Hi, Shalom!!!!!!! =). Thank you again for accepting me to your page now in English, this is Great!!!!!!! (y) =). Question: do you also have your page in Spanish? May THE ETRNAL FATHER continue HIS Blessings upon you, your family and all the family of Shalom from Panamá.
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Shalom Sister in Yeshua Sanerik12, yes we have a site in spanish. Yo can visit:
Kadmiel y Veronica: Boker tov ajim ve ajotim.
Kadmiel y Veronica: Good brothers and sisters days.
Kadmiel y Veronica: Shalom Alejem.
Kadmiel y Veronica: Peace be with you.
blessed.bora: Shalom brethren.Am requesting for the Hebrew Bible and Greek if you have.
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Shalom Blessed.Bora we will send you an email
Johanna: Hi
Johanna: peace and blessed
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Shalom Sister Johana Blessings in Yeshua and Welcome to our Online Congregation
debrajwebb: Thank you
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Blessings in Yeshua to All
Surbaugh: I am requesting Hebrew and Greek bible his available!
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Blessings in Yeshua / Jesus
TECHNICAL-SUPPORT: Welcome to Yeshua Hamashiach

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Blessings in Yeshua our Savior and Messiah! This is Yeshuah = in Hebrew means salvation and the true Hebrew name of Jesus Christ. HaMashiach = Hebrew for Messiah.
We invite you to know the Hebraic roots of Christianity and live as our beloved Savior and His disciples lived. Relive with us the very origins of the Christian faith.

Sign up on our website to receive biblical studies and teachings from a Hebrew perspective. Live the Word in a more direct, pure and unaltered original translations of the Holy Scriptures.

Welcome again to this beautiful and exciting journey to the true origins of Christianity!.

Shalom (Peace)